Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ancient Alphabets

Since I’m fascinated with all things Celtic, I thought making my own runes would be an interesting project. Upon doing a little research, I discovered runes really are not Celtic, but I made them anyway as the activity idea was already pretty much on my mind. When things get stuck in your head, you just have to go and ahead and give them a try. Wood was sacred to the ancient Celts, so at least I can honor that aspect.

Some mesquite branches salvaged after my husband’s pruning efforts worked perfectly for this project. I sliced the pieces with a jig saw.

After gently sanding the wood, I made a symbol on each piece with a marker and went over them with my wood-burning tool. Then I rubbed each wood piece with cedar oil on a soft cloth. A little book found at the used bookstore explains the runes.

I sewed a small leather bag to hold the finished runes and made a wood button by drilling holes in an extra wood slice.

More information about the origin and historical use of runic alphabets may be found here.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Very interesting! I never knew Runes were Germanic in origin.

I did wood burning with the cubs scouts when I was a den leader when my son was young. It was fun! We used cut tree branch slices, and they burned in designs, then we shellaced them, and attached key chains to make them gifts for faher's day. I still have the ones my son made for me and my husband.

What will you do with your Runes?

Hugs, Pat

~Molly~ said...

Now that is just cool!! How super neat-o to make them from an old stick. Love the button too.

I have an online site or two that provide free rune readings but I always dread doing it because they tell me negative things(every single time). What's up with that? I still do it though.

Maybe real runes would give me better answers.


Anonymous said...

you never cease to amaze me with the interesting and varied projects you embark upon. This is yet another truly unique and creative project.


JuliaB said...

Gosh Junie, I think you must be a closet pagan! What with your may day celebrations, women's rites with robes, celtic interest, and now runes!!

There is a celtic "tree alphabet" called Ogham but it's authenticity is the subject of much speculation.

dutchcomfort said...

It’s really wonderful to see about how many different things you post! Love it!
You should have lived in good old Britain in the era of the Knights and the Round Table!
Maybe I should pick up my posts about the alphabet and it’s origin. I only did the A and the B when I first started blogging and gave up.

Thimbleanna said...

How fun Junie! I swear...where on earth do you get your ideas???

Gumbo Lily said...

Cool idea!
That would be such a fun gift for a young boy or girl.


Anonymous said...

Ummm June hon, we really need to stop this coincidental stuff LOLOL. I have ruins, but I didn't make mine, yours are awesome.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those look great Junie Moon, they are beautiful. I love runes too. My husband and I both have a ring with the first runes of the futhark on them. They are great !!!
Have a fantastic day !

kari and kijsa said...

Love this idea!!! This would be a perfect project to also get our children involved (not with the saw, of course, but collecting something from a visit or trip and recycling into something beautiful! Sow off your mantel today on our post!

kari & kijsa