Friday, June 20, 2008

Blessings Friday: Love’s Promise

When my daughter arrived for our visit this week, she brought a simple quilted patchwork heart I had matted and framed for her in 1987 when she was seven years old. Lindsay wanted me to repair some tears in the paper backing while simultaneously preserving my name and the date I'd inscribed.

The point of the gift all those years ago and still applicable today was that life and time would bring a bit of heartache, but we must stitch our hearts back together with love and care. It represents my promise to her that my love for her is for always, something she can depend on.

Thank all of you for sharing my blog life and leaving “chats” with me. Each of your comments is a special stitch in my heart that brings me joy. Have a wonderful weekend full of love!


JuliaB said...

Hi Junie
Hope you have a nice weekend too.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely treasured present for your daughter. These are things I'd like to do for my children. One day! Have a lovely weekend.

Sassy Priscilla said...

What a great story. Your thoughtfulness and kindness must make you a treasure to your family.

hunnybunny said...

Oh that is so beautiful and special! I wrote my oldest a poem when I was pregnant because back then I was better with writing than anything else. Now I'm mediocre at crafting and writing, but they make me happy. LOL I really think that is the best most thoughtful gift I've seen in a while. I can think of someone that is reaching a stage in their life where they need this reminder and I am SO borrowing this idea. Thanks for sharing it.
Also can I just say how wonderful it is that your daughter realizes how special that is. What a great job you've done.

nicolette said...

Love this story... and the heart you made your daughter! A loving weekend to you to!

rohanknitter said...

What a wonderful sentiment for all our children.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Pat said...

That is a gift that means so much -- a "work of heart" -- I'm sure your daughter will treasure it, and the message it signigfies, always!

I treasure our friendship too, June -- you were my first blogger friend! :-)

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful sentiment June and a lovely glimpse into the love between mother and daughter.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Awww--that is lovely JunieMoon. You too, dear.
Smiles, Karen

Michele Bilyeu said...

Such a beautiful post, June! And so very true about all of our lives. And such a lovely little gift of a special heart. It does remind all of us that love is both timeless and treasured. May it be easily mended as well as all other cares or woes and may the darling little domino set have many adventures on the road ahead. Many blessings for a safe and fun filled time with family.