Friday, July 18, 2008

Blessings Friday

Fiona at Dragonfly Crafts is having a Blogging Sleepover Party tomorrow night. She’s in Australia, here’s a link to a World Time Zone map and zonal subsets.

The fabulous Miss Saucy hosted a Virtual Wedding
Party at Bloggedy Blog Blog while I was on vacation, so I’m joining in a bit late.

Our tenth wedding anniversary was July 4. We chose this date to get married so we’d always have the day off from work. Plus, there are always fireworks—thank you, America!

We had the most fabulous but goofy wedding on the planet—exactly what we wanted. There are many details about our wedding that are wonderful and extremely wacky but too much to share today.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

One of the favors we gave out at our reception was a poem I wrote a few years before our wedding. It’s a type of sonnet and somewhat long, so I’ve photographed it in three sections. Just click on each picture to enlarge and read if you so desire.

One of my friends from grad school, Ginny, converted my poem to music and sang it during our wedding—another blessing to cherish.

© 2008 Dub Scroggin

At the bottom of our wedding invitation, we wrote “Much Merriment to Follow” and meant it—not just for our wedding day but the future as well. This picture shows some of our family members who joined us on vacation to celebrate this milestone in our life. The merriment indeed continues.


a pink-bee said...

How sweet :). You always make things so special ! Love how you thought of fireworks every year when you planned the date :)
Have a very happy weekend :)
crystal :)

Pat said...

Happy be-lated Anniversary wishes to you and Dub, sweet June!
I do believe you've both kept the merriment going!

Your sonnet was beautiful ... seashell dreams and mermaid songs be yours forever1

Hugs, Pat

Yummers! said...

Happy belated anniversary to you both!! I love your long hair... very pretty. The 4th of July is a perfect wedding day... with fireworks and parades. Your poem is lovely! Talented Junie Moon!

I'm glad you had a great vacation. You deserve it!

Enjoy your sleepover... I'll be looooooong asleep. I checked the link because the icon was so darn cute.

Have a wonderful weekend...
Love, Joni

Jennifer said...

Happy belated Anniversary!! Love the poem!

Storybook Woods said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary. What a lovely sonnet you wrote. oxoxoxo Clarice

nicolette said...

Happy Belated anniversary June!!
The poem is lovely!

Diana said...

I'm sure it was a wonderful celebration! I love "Much Merriment to Follow" sounds just like you!
AND you're a poet!!! I am not surprised. Also looking forward to seeing your shawl, I know it's a beauty!!! Louet was a perfect choice, one of my favorite yarns.

Carol said...

Happy belated anniversary June!!!
I can't believe I missed the sleepover last night...I'm going to jet over there right now and see if I can sneak in a day late.

Anonymous said...

June, belated anniversary gaiety to you and Dub. You two look so wonderful together and I adore that poem you wrote. You're very open to share this lovely part of your life with us.


Cat said...

Oh what a lovely sonnet, really beautiful. I think it is just wonderful having it put to music. I am sure it was a very special day.