Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adventure 4: The Lake House

This leg of our trip was the biggest part of our journey—a week with some of our family at Lake Glenville near Cashiers, North Carolina.

© 2008 Dub Scroggin

The whole gang isn't shown here, but you get the idea. We did so much that I can only share a very few of our escapades. Photos are by me except where otherwise noted.

We rented a huge house called Katie Camp, complete with private boat dock, canoes, sailboat, kayaks, fishing gear, etc.

View from the dock

View from the house

© 2008 Dub Scroggin

Fishing at Slippery Rock Waterfall; I’m between cascades where it’s calm. It wasn’t fly fishing, but I did catch trout which were then released.

One of many waterfalls we found.

Photo by Jamey Prescott (with my camera)

Canoeing on the lake.

There’s a wonderful farmers’ market in Cashiers, complete with a pet pot-belly pig named Biscuit.

The redoubtable Biscuit.

Just walking through this place makes you hungry. I found my beloved hot boiled peanuts here.

We went gem mining early one morning.

My discoveries included rubies and sapphires which I need to polish before deciding what to do with them.

© 2008 Dub Scroggin

Our niece Maggie made the luckiest finds of all; shovel after shovel unearthed huge pieces of amethyst.

We picked wild raspberries (and opted not to eat the little green worm) along the forest edge near a waterfall we visited.

The Orchard is one of the restaurants in Cashiers where we enjoyed local fare.

Photo by Donna Passmore

Displayed on their walls were two beautiful quilts and antique farm implements. We also tried the homemade soups and pastries at Wild Thyme Bakery & Café and enjoyed the eclectic menu at Cornucopia.We savored homemade ice cream at SweeTreats of Cashiers. It is custom-blended with your chosen flavors using a blend of Mayfield Dairy Farms products and hard-packed, active culture yogurt (not reconstituted)—pure unadulterated bliss.

© 2008 Dub Scroggin

Our Aphrodite affirmation went well (blogged

I bought a doll for each of us at The Parthenon’s gift shop in Nashville as a keepsake of our affirmation effort.

There is much more I could share about this particular week, but we are pretty much Type A folks and our energy would wear you out in a heartbeat.


Kristie said...

I know I need a nap. So much fun!

JuliaB said...

Congratulations on your affirmation. x

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh June, you are so darn cute. Looks like a perfect summer vacation. xoxoxo Clarice

Saucy said...

I'm glad your affirmation was exactly what you wanted... how adorable did you look in those outfits? What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh June,what gorgeous photos of your vacation. Justbeautiful.

Gumbo Lily said...

What a fun, fun vacation! You look smashing in that toga!