Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zen Garden

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?
~ Dogen Zenji ~

A Japanese rock garden is an enclosed shallow sandpit containing sand, gravel, rocks, and occasionally grass and/or other natural elements. Designs made in the sand represent rippling waters in the sea. It’s also called a Zen garden.

My father made a miniature version of a Zen garden for me in 1999, and then made one for each of my siblings. He even made the tiny rake and gathered the sand from the beach at Topsail Island.

It’s very soothing to quietly sit and make designs in the sand. And since he’s gone now, it’s a special reminder of my father’s love.


~ How to Create a Zen Garden Tutorial

~ Japanese Zen Gardens Photo Gallery


nicolette said...

What a great saying and what an amazingly sweet gift from your father to his children!

Thanks for the links. Though I haven’t got sand in my garden it often feels a bit ZEN because of all the wood and bamboo.

Lovely post Junie!

Rachel* said...

A zen garden is a really neat treasure. Something I want to get. I just think they add such a nice touch to your home, love your blog!

meg said...

I have to giggle a bit~ my son has one of these on his desk (a gift from one of our Japanese exchange students) which he has to redesign at least twice a week. Why? Because one of our darling fur girls rearranges everything & rakes new lines in the sand while he sleeps. I think it's the redhead, Poppy- she is very Zen & contemplative- & her sister, Dahlia, will make off with the rake, which I find next to my bed, in my closet, or under the sewing machine table.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to have been gifted by your father. What a special act to treasure. I'm familiar with the zen gardens and the table top ones, but have never known someone to make one -- how very special. Ties in somewhat with my current theme of the sweet ordinary.

Have a sweet ordinary kind of day,

rohanknitter said...

That's so pretty, what a neat keepsake.

hunnybunny said...

That's such a lovely thoughtful gift. I can only imagine how much extra pleasurable it must be with such a lovely source.

Cat said...

That is a wonderful gift to treasure from your Dad.