Friday, August 1, 2008

Blessings Friday: Lughnasadh

Summer is flying by and here we are at the first of August. Even though it’s in the triple digits where I am, our days are slowly growing shorter and our shadows longer. We’re entering harvest time.

The Harvest by Vincent van Gogh

Today is what the ancient Celts called
Lughnasadh (pronounced 'loo-na-sa'). The medieval Christian name is Lammas. Whatever it's called, August 1 marks the beginning of harvest season and was traditionally a time of community gatherings, market festivals, and reunions with distant family and friends. It is still honored in many places around the world.

A Lughnasadh tradition is to bake bread with the season's first wheat. I’ve made a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Bread. This morning I will spend time writing in my journal using prompts from School of the Seasons as there are other sorts of harvest in addition to food.

Source: World Food Programme

In this time of bounty for many of us, I’m mindful of those who go hungry. If you want to help fight hunger, a simple Google search will net you numerous humanitarian organizations—locally, nationally, and world-wide. I’ve made my choice.

Although I don’t personally have crops to harvest, I sincerely thank those whose hard labor provides us the blessing of food on our tables.


Kristie said...

The summer has just blown by. Blessings this Lughnasadh, June.

Pat said...

I'm harvesting my tomatoes and peppers this month, and feel thankful for the bounty in my life.

I contribute to "City Harvest, a non profit organization in NYC that works to collect excess food that would other wise go to waste from restaurants, manufacturers, wholesalers, greenmarkets, hotels, corporate cafeterias, grocery stores and farms - and deliver it to more than 600 community food programs throughout the five boroughs using a fleet of 16 trucks and volunteers on foot. Each week, City Harvest helps over 260,000 hungry New Yorkers find their next meal."

I've seen their trucks in action and I know of many communities that have benifited from thier work. Waste is a terrible thing and this organiozation make a big difference!

Thanks June,and happy Lughnasadh!

Pat said...

And next time I will will remember to spell check my comments before sending them! Please excuse my lousy typing.

Yummers! said...

Your posts are so lovely, so thought-out, and so meaningful. I need some organization in my life... I quess. I feel OK about my life until I read your blog and see what I'm NOT doing.

I love the Zen garden! That would be a great gift for my Chicago daughter.

Off to take a nap as I had a long dentist appointment this AM and I get tense. Need to relax that stress and then get up and pack for 3 weeks. I'm even taking my Jenny Craig food along. We're not taking a computer to see how life goes on without one.

Love to you and Dub!
PS Did I tell you that I'll be in Phoenix for the whole month of November?

SunnyInspiration said...

Great post. Happy August and Happy Friday!

meg said...

What a lovely tradition~ I'll have to bake a loaf of something for my knitting get-together this evening.
Have a wonderful (& hopefully cooler) weekend.

Thimbleanna said...

What a lovely post June. Your bread looks wonderful!

Storybook Woods said...

I think it is so important for us to remember all that is involved in what we eat. All the work, all the steps and all who did the work. We take so much for granted. This sounds alike a fun way to remember. Clarice

kim said...

I love School of the Seasons. I order from her frequently.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said. I love Autumn about all other seasons and this time of summer always reminds me it will soon e at our doorstep. Hope you enjoy the last of the summer days.

JuliaB said...

Lammas Blessings to you.

Robyn said...

Great post June!

Judy said...

Your bread looks lovely. I agree summer is flying bye.

African Kelli said...

you being in my life makes me a more grateful person. You are always introducing me to new things, having me look at old things with new eyes and just appreciating life more.
Thank you June.

nicolette said...

Lovely post June.
I’m not ready to consider Summer to be over!