Friday, August 29, 2008

Blessings Friday: Cell Phones for Soldiers

Starting tomorrow and continuing through next Thursday, I will begin posting a series of tutorials I’ve written. I hope you’ll stop by to visit.

I found two old cell phones we’re not using and was wondering what to do with them when I learned about the Cell Phones for Soldiers

Cell Phones for Soldiers collects and sells old unused cell phones. This funds prepaid calling cards which given to soldiers for free so they can call home. For security reasons, I can’t just send my extra cell phones directly to a soldier in a war zone. Most cell phones are not GSM-enabled and won’t work in the Middle East, hence selling them to raise money.

My package was mailed yesterday. Somewhere out there, a soldier will be able to speak with family waiting anxiously at home. It could be a friend or beloved member of your family.

You can read about the program here and find a drop-off point near you or download a mailing label.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks June! We've done this! A local boy earning his Eagle Scout Badge collected cell phones for one of these programs. It was a great way to dispose of them and see them go towards a good cause.
Hugs, Pat

rohanknitter said...

June you always know about the greatest things!! I had no idea there was something like this out there, and here I have a phone just sitting in a drawer that I've been wondering what in the world to do with. (and I can't even give it to one of my boys cause it is pink!)

a pink-bee said...

Thanks ~ Just changed to diiferent cell phones last week and was wondering what to do with the other ones ~ now I know ~
Have a Happy weekend :)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh thank you for posting about this. I have wondered about it. Have a wonderful weekend. Clarice

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for this link June! I'll bet if I search a few drawers I might find an old cell phone or two around here. I usually have trouble getting hubby to part with anything electronic (useful or otherwise) but I know he's gladly support this program!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a fantastic way to recycle those old phones! I love it--thanks for passing that along JunieMoon!

Thanks so much for the love and encouragement, you are a real sweety!

Smiles, Karen

Home ec new Haven said...

I too sent out old cell phones a while back. It is such a great idea.
Boy, I have missed a lot here at J. Moon Headquarters! I see you are up to your old antics of craftiness and good will :)