Thursday, September 4, 2008

“V” for Victory

This is my second post today as I didn’t want to interrupt my series of one-yard fabric adventures.

I’ve knitted a scarf to donate to The National World War II
Museum for its Knit Your Bit campaign. They distribute scarves to individual veterans through V.A. hospitals and other veteran’s organizations.

I used the 2007 “V for Victory” scarf pattern available free at their web site. They have other free patterns, but I like this one. My offering was dropped off at the post office on my way to paint at the botanical gardens this morning.


Diana said...

What a great idea to participate in. I'll look into that! I like the 'V' for Victory scarf too!

Storybook Woods said...

What wonderful history and great scarf. Clarice

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a beautiful project June. Your kindness and attention to good causes is an inspiration to me.


Pat said...

Is that the museum in New Orleans?

I'm so glad that city survived this hurricane, and I hope no more coem their way.

Beautiful scarf that will be enjoyed by a worthy vet!

Hugs, Pat

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Beautiful and I like your tutorials posts too! Blessings, katie

Allenia Marie said...

Hi there I am a novice knitter and am always looking for some great projects. I haven't advanced myself into making or designing my own patterns yet... I do love this pattern -my dad, uncles and some cousins are Vets and would love to honor them. Is there a pattern avaliable for this scarf?

Blessings from a Louisiana Girl living in England.