Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ornaments and Reindeer

Christmas is ready at my house. My holiday preparations pretty much echo last year, check my December archive if you’re interested.

My sister Connie and I hosted our annual Blow Your Own Ball
party on Dec. 6; here’s the glass ornament I made this year.

This afternoon we’re taking visiting family members to Sonoran Glass Art Academy so they can make ornaments, too. I'll make and add another ornament to my collection.

I made a new supply of Magic Reindeer Feed for the young ones in our family and our usual distribution to the neighborhood children is done—my scheduled day to make it had to be moved up because kids were knocking on our door worried they wouldn’t have any to entice the reindeer to bring Santa.

No recipe is needed; I simply use a mix of cheap, colorful cereal and oats. Although you’ll see it listed in various online recipes, please don’t use glitter--it’s not healthy for reindeer (or children and wildlife who might sample the wares). I tuck the feed into glassine bags and created labels using Microsoft Word, then printed them on cardstock.


A simple Google search using the phrase “Magic Reindeer Feed picture” wields numerous packaging ideas, but here are two links to get you started:


Yummers! said...

Your glass ornament is lovely. What a wonderful tradition and you get to add to your collection.

I printed the Reindeer feed for mext year for little ones we know. Too late this year.

Thanks... and a fantastic Christmas to you and your husband.

Storybook Woods said...

Your ornament turned out so pretty. I am impressed that you did it yourself xoxoxox Clarice

Penny Sanford Fikes said...

June, I was so delighted to discover this morning that you rae blogging again! I have missed your bright, cheerful, generous (sharing) outlook on life!

Somehow in my 46 years on this earth, I missed Reindeer Food. I'm searching my memory banks, but this is the first I have heard of making Reindeer Food for Santa's visit.

How absolutely charming! Thanks for your glitter warning! It is so like you to make Reindeer Feed for the little ones of the neighborhood.

I continue to wish you were my neighbor (or visa versa).

Penny in Mississippi