Monday, December 22, 2008

Rock and Blues Served with Brass and Sass

A blend of rock and blues—what can be better than that? And it’s even better when served with brass and sass which is exactly what we got over the weekend when we went to hear Giant Blue make their debut at the Chicago Bar in Tucson.

Musical talent is naturally a must in a band, but how the performers work together can make or break a group’s efforts. Giant Blue’s eight members, all talented, worked perfectly with each other to put out a vibrant sound that had the audience immediately on their feet and happy.

Source: Photo used with the kind permission of Mike Walden of Giant Blue

I loved the energy—from both the band and the audience. The horn section adds a rich depth that makes this group unique in Tucson.

Music ranged from Kathy Thomas’ exquisite vocals on Koko Taylor’s Hound Dog to kick-ass guitarist/vocalist Mike Walden ripping out songs like Santana’s Everybody's Everything. We thought the instrumental rendition of Lou Donaldson’s Hamp's Hump was exemplary and reflects Giant Blue’s celebration of music.

If you live in/near Tucson, don’t miss experiencing Giant Blue; their schedule is posted on their web site.


Yummers! said...

I just posted for Monday as you were commenting on my Saturday post. I wanted to say, "Hey Junie... over here... there's a new one!"

Thanks for sharing your Tucson music. Their's nothing like listening to LIVE music for a fun time.

Love your yule log. It's so pretty! How can you set a match to that?
Hugs fom the place that has gotten snow every day in December.

rohanknitter said...

There's nothing like some great live music!!

shenry said...

I really do need to roadtrip down to Tucson anyway. While I'm there remind me to see these guys.