Friday, March 13, 2009

Blessings Friday: Celebrate Life

My husband and I are greatly appreciative of all the comments you’ve left for us—your thoughts, prayers, and kindness this past week have lifted our hearts and spirits. Thank you, dear Kristie, for letting everyone know.

My husband’s lung collapsed in the middle of the night last week. At the emergency room, the doctors inserted a chest tube while I tightly held his hand. There were some difficulties over the next couple of days getting his lung to inflate and stay where it should be. Although he has some residual problems, the emergency is over and my beloved husband is home again.

The night of his emergency, I had just finished reading The Lace Reader: A Novel. Before bed, I set aside the things I’d need to try knitting a lace towel edging which I planned to begin after my morning housework. Instead, it’s one of the things I grabbed on the way to the hospital emergency room.

While my husband was getting various CT scans and other assorted tests/treatments performed, I tried to knit my lace to occupy myself. At first I couldn’t remember how to cast on, then I couldn’t remember what YO meant, and every stitch was a challenge in concentration. I started and stopped my lace making over and over again. Each failure ending up in the hospital’s trash can. Why is this so hard, I kept asking myself?

And then I remembered what I read in The Lace Reader: A Novel, lace is an echo of life: past, present, future. Maybe I was experiencing all these simultaneously in my terror over what was happening to my husband. Maybe, like him, I just needed to breathe.

I took a deep, cleaning and calming breath and began again. Each stitch became easier and when mistakes appeared, I just kept going. Mistakes are part of life. Dub’s lung collapsing is a mistake, too. A lace pattern slowly emerged, small but something I could see—something I could count on, each lacy hole a breath my husband was taking to live and one I was echoing.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

My result is a tiny piece of lace which may never be finished. The mistakes in it are important and meant to be, I think. I may save this tiny piece as a reminder of the importance of breathing.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Today I celebrate each breathe we take: mine, my husband’s, and yours. May the lace of your life always have space for breathing.


Jennifer said...

So glad he is ok. Love that you are keeping the lace as a reminder of one of life's leesons

sassypriscilla said...

Oh my goodness. I am glad you both are home. But how terrifying. I wonder what would cause that. I am so sorry. As someone who had pulmonary emboli - I know how terrifying it is to not be able to breathe.

Much love and continued prayers and good thoughts to you.

meg said...

Many of the lessons learned are taught through the haze of trial and fear, but valuable nontheless. Your little piece of lace is a physical representaion of the fragile & interconnected threads of our lives, the importance of continuing on regardless of the current circumstance, as well as a reminder to breathe no matter what :-)
I'm so pleased you have your husband home with you & you are both on the mend.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post June. I am so glad your husband has pulled through this. With you by his side, creating lace, you've woven a tighter future. Bless you both

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a beautiful post June. I'm so glad that your husband is going to be ok.

Love to you both.

Jan said...

June~This truly is a day of blessings for you.

Anne said...

Junie, I'm so happy to hear your husband is home and that you both survived his ordeal. Your little piece of lace is beautiful in its imperfection. Thank you for updating us. My prayers continue for you both.


African Kelli said...

Oh Junie -- I am so sorry I hadn't read this sooner. I would have made a point to come find you yesterday and give you a hug. Please know you and your hubby are in my prayers. I am hoping for a quick recovery.
much love!

karen said...

Glad to hear your husband is on the mend

Storybook Woods said...

Oh I am sooo glad he is okay. I prayed for him and you. Clarice

Anonymous said...


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi June
I'm so happy and relieved that Dub is recovering and I hope all will be well.

Keeping that lace in a journal as a reminder to be thankful is a good idea.

Hugs, Pat

greetingarts said...

Beautiful words, June. I think you should put the lace as is (needles and all) in a shadowbox, and include a handwritten copy of this blog post on the back.

Celebrate, indeed. Enjoy the weekend, the beginning of Spring in a few days, and the closeness of each other.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, how frightening June! I was just wondering this morning how you two were getting along. So glad it's mostly over and you're both home now. What a wonderful, thoughtful post.

rohanknitter said...

Oh June, I'm so glad to hear that the worst is over and you husband is at home. How very scary it must have been for you both, I can't imagine! Prayers will keep going up for his continued recovery.

Brunonia Barry said...

What a beautiful and moving passage! My prayers and best thoughts are with you both. I'm so glad that The Lace Reader was able to be with you as well. The lace you created from the experience brought me joyful tears.

Brunonia Barry

a pink-bee said...

So very glad your husband is back home and well.What a wonderful post :)and what a special piece of lace ~ have you thought about framing it ?
crystal oo

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I'm so happy you are both home and in good health--what a scare! You have such a wonderful way of looking at life, JunieMoon, and I never leave here without something new to think about. God's Blessings.
Smiles, Karen

Yummers! said...

I'm so glad he is home again and you can settle into a routine. Boyd is on the couch today... seems to have a good day and the next is a wipe-out. Over a month of IV's to go. I ran to Oshkosh the other day (an hour south) and had my hair cut and colored,laughed with old friends, refinanced our other house, bought fresh flowers (see:my blog), a few magazines and books at Barnes and Noble and came home totally refreshed. Be sure you get out of the house... I have been hovering over Boyd and getting gloomy.

I continue to pray for you both!
Love, Joni

Jane said...

So happy to hear that your husband is home again, Junie! Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Junie, what a beautiful sentiment in such a stressful time. I'm so glad that the hubby is recovering well. I think you should include your lace in a piece of fiber art. I think you might be inspired by these posts:

Your insights into breaking down the panic you were experiencing have reaffirmed my goal to "Keep Calm and Carry On." Thank you Junie Moon, for sharing your life with us.

nicolette said...

What a beautiful post June!
Glad to hear your husband is OK now!

And don’t forget to take care of Mrs. Mermaid!

Thinking of the both of you!!

hunnybunny said...

Oh Junie I had no idea, I"m so glad he's well and home. Mr Bunny was hospitalized for kidney failure due to dehydration a week and a half ago. I hope that this spring brings better health for everyone!
I hope you guys are still taking it easy, and that you my love are taking care of yourself.

Trailing Mira said...

Glad to hear your husband is doing well. Hopes for a full, quick recovery.