Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cedar Sneaker Stuffers Tutorial

Whether you’re a runner, walker, or just like wearing athletic shoes, as the weather warms up our shoes are getting their own sweaty workout. I was reading this month’s issue of Woman’s Day and saw an ad for Sports Sox which purportedly help solve the stinky shoe issue. The ad was promptly snipped and added to my shopping list.

Inspiration hit me yesterday while looking at a bag of fragrant cedar mulch my husband bought for the garden. I can make my own sneaker stuffers using a bit of the cedar chips.

Updated Apr. 24, 2009: Pat (Millie Fiori Favoriti blog) left a very helpful comment that you can find bags of cedar chips where pet products are found; e.g., cedar shavings/chips for hamsters. I think that’s a much better solution than my picking through a silly bag of gardening mulch.

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I used pieces of April Cornell’s fabrics leftover from my quilt blocks project last week. Two cedar stuffers were made for my husband out of the plaid fabric and two for me from the floral.

Cedar Sneaker Stuffers Tutorial

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Supplies (for 2 stuffers)

  • 2 pieces of fabric, each cut 3-inches wide by 16½-inches long
  • Cedar chips or shavings (ours was bought at Ace Hardware)
  • Thread to match
  • Scissors

Step 1: Fold each piece in half with right-sides facing (You will now have a piece 8¼-inches in length).

Step 2: Sew each of the long sides with a ¼-inch seam and turn right-side out (leave the short end open for stuffing).

Step 3: Stuff with your cedar shavings (doesn’t have to be too full).

Step 4: Turn open short end under and slip-stitch shut.

Now we’ll see whether these little cedar pouches work.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

That's a great idea, June, and easy enough so that even I can do it! I love the smell of cedar.

Another good source for cedar chips is a pet store. We use to buy it all the time when my kids were young had hamsters, as that was what we filled their cages with.
Hugs, Pat

shenry said...

cedar scent it a bajillion times better than sweaty foot scent. I like it!

Gumbo Lily said...

That's a great idea. Let us know if they work.


Thimbleanna said...

Very interesting June! Be sure and give us an update!

jacquie said...

i'm making these tomorrow...since my son has moved back home...i've noticed a REAL need for these! thanks.

Salihan said...

Great idea! Especially good as gifts for my male family members for Xmas. Thanks for sharing!

nicolette said...

What a great idea!!! We use cocao shells in the garden. DO you think they will work...?

Storybook Woods said...

You did it again sweetie !!! I wonder if I can add some lavender (I want to add lavender to everything) xoxox Clarice

casserole said...

Brilliant!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

Anonymous said...

June, this is brilliant! I sometimes sprinkle ordinary baking soda into runners or boots that get a bit 'high' but this is such a handy dandy tidy way of doing the same thing! Great idea and it will make for a great gift item.

Kellie Staton said...

Hi, I found a link to this at whip it. Just wanted to say that I have been making these for years. We call them shoe dogs (that is what they were called the first time I saw them in a catalog).
I just wanted to tell you that I use velcro on one end. That way when the cedar is old you can replace it. I use the cedar bedding out of the pet department too.

Regina said...

I think we need several of these in our shoes. Thanks for the idea. I love the pretty fabric you used.

Heather said...

We also found that filling the pouches with kitty litter will absorb odor and wetness. These work great for hockey/lacrosse glove and cleats for the ever sweaty athletes in your family.

Another idea is sew ribbon to connect the two; it helps keep the shoes together.

Fat Ninja said...

great idea! blogged you:

Give LDS Gifts said...

Great tutorial! I linked to you at and plan on making these soon.

Anonymous said...