Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer’s Gifts of Grace

Summer solstice occurred at 1:46 this morning which means summer is officially here. To me, summer is the epitome of celebrating life.

Although the June solstice marks the beginning of Northern summer, it is often called midsummer. In traditional Gaelic culture the summer solstice represented the mid-point between the commencement of the Celtic summer on May 1 and autumn on August 1” (source: Science at NASA).

Source: Sky &

Sky-watching any time of the year is something we enjoy. During the day on solstice, the sun appears to stand still. But the solstice sky that emerges after the sun has graciously nodded to the dark brings another kind of magic. You can view the Milky Way arching over the eastern horizon after twilight, witness the darkening of Saturn's rings as well as the brightening of Venus, and then there’s Jupiter’s tumultuous transition—night’s gifts of grace.

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Yesterday afternoon a gorgeous orchid plant arrived at my house, a stunning gift from Sally at Grendelskin. It traveled from Hawaii to me in perfect condition. I’ve been longing to have an orchid plant since my husband and I visited the orchid exhibit last March. Sally’s generosity has graced my life. Thank you, Sally!

It’s Sunday, Father’s Day, summer solstice, and beautiful orchids are growing at my house—what a fantastic weekend. To share my blessings, I’m offering another give-away tomorrow, so please stop by again.

Welcome to summer!


Kristie said...

Happy solstice, June.

Lorrie said...

What a gorgeous orchid - such a vibrant colour.


a pink-bee said...

Happy Solstice :)

I took the tablecloth off wet right after I sprayed it ~