Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Craft:along July 2009 Project: Summer Shimmer Scarf

My project for July’s Craft:along 2009 hosted by Africankelli and Finnyknits is done. I chose the Summer Shimmer Scarf knitting project using Jen’s Purl Bee pattern as featured on Craftzine.

The yarn used in Jen’s project is a beautiful silk/bamboo called Lorna’s Laces found
here ($43.50/skein). I substituted the much-less costly Naturally’s Spa silky soft bamboo-blend yarn ($3.74/skein) in the color Ocean Spray found at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.

From comments left on Finny’s blog, I realized care would be needed with the pattern although it is pretty straightforward. A quick test showed what the problem is—at least for me.

Instructions for the left leaning bias call for: Row 1: K1, * ssk, yo; rep from * to last stitch, end k1.

My count kept being off, so I switched the pattern instruction to this: Row 1: K1, *yo, ssk, rep from * to last stitch, end k1.

The minor revision worked and the scarf knitted up like a dream.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

My new scarf is 7-feet long. The zig-zag lace trellis pattern echoes fishnet which makes this summer scarf perfect for a mermaid.


rohanknitter said...

That turned out so pretty!

Lorrie said...

And the colour is very mermaidish as well! Beautiful.

FinnyKnits said...

Nice call on the yarn swap - $43 for yarn is ridic.

It came out so beautiful - great job adapting the pattern to suit your tastes (and, uh, to make it WORK RIGHT - gah!)


Hunny Bunny said...

That's absolutely perfect, the color is spectacular. I just crocheted a hat with a different yarn but the same color, and realized it is the best thing ever.

Storybook Woods said...

So pretty, perfect for summer. Clarice