Tuesday, July 21, 2009

National Parks Celebration Give-Away

Yesterday I took my camera and water on a trek to Saguaro National Park, a little over 4 miles from my house.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

I love the way this Saguaro seems to be clapping its hands for the Ocotillo (the cactus with all the skinny arms). I’m not sure what the Ocotillo did that was so marvelous, but I’m pleased the Saguaro is so happy.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Century Plants grow so tall (up to 25 feet) I had to look way up to photograph this specimen’s blooms as evidenced by the clouds in the bottom of the picture.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Flowers on the Fishhook Barrel cactus will soon turn into a small yellow pineapple-shaped fruit.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

This Prickly Pear has already bloomed and its fruits are just about ripe enough to pick. The fruit looks almost like a crown on this particular Prickly Pear pad so I stopped, bowed suitably to its regality, and then acted like a paparazzo in taking a quick photo.

Isn’t it amazing that the desert, even in summer’s deadly heat, still has much to offer?

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Since our National Parks have given me many years of enjoyment, I want to celebrate these amazing resources by offering a give-away opportunity. On my way out of the park, I stopped in the Visitor’s Center and did a bit of shopping for you. What’s inside this bag?

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

  • A Park Ranger doll
  • Passport to Your National Parks book for collecting stamp cancellations on your visits
  • Kids’ Passport to Your National Parks Companion
  • A sticker representing Saguaro National Park
  • Box of Prickly Pear Cactus Candy as a little tasty treat from my neck of the world
The Rules

Simply post a comment on any post beginning today until Thursday at midnight. I'll announce the winning name Friday morning.

If your name is Anonymous, you won’t be entered in the drawing—fair warning on that as the postal service dislikes packages addressed to Anonymous.


Vonna said...

Oh how fun, that looks like a Groovy Girl boy doll and my girls collect those! Plus we are park people - we go nearly every other weekend to our local state parks for pinics and hiking!
Thank you for the opportunity!

Jill said...

What a great idea! I try to go to the National Parks whenever I can. Such a wonderful country we live in.

DIane Schuller said...

June, I love that you saw the Saguaro clapping! That's exactly what it is doing :)
What a really good idea using items from the park as a gift package. I should maybe do something similar waaaay up here ... do you think anyone would come???

Heidi said...

The saguaro is giving a standing ovation! You certainly see different flora on your walks than I do on mine in Montana. Go June, go!

Amanda said...

The first time I saw your post on Park Ranger Patty, I was thrilled. I have a just-turned-two toddler that we are beginning to take on hikes (he made a mile the other day on his own two legs!) and your post gave me some fun ideas for our next hiking trips. Thanks so much for a brilliant idea (and a fun giveaway).

sassypriscilla said...

Oh my goodness. I've loved that ranger doll since I saw your last post. That would be so fun to use on our vacation in August when we are driving to Florida. I think there is a national park near where are staying. Aidan would love it!

greetingarts said...

I was brought up on National Parks, and in our move from New York to California when I was eight, we drove and hit every National Park we could manage. Fun times I hope to relive with my own kids.

Jane said...

I have such fond memories of my visits to the many national parks in the "four courners" region. Bryce was my favorite. It felt like another planet to me. Had that doll been available for sale I would have purchased it in a hot minute to share with my students!

Barbara said...

Ohh, yeah. I was just telling my mom yesterday about your Park Ranger doll. What a great giveaway. Put me in line for one!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

OH WOW June! I'd LOVE to win this as we are going to Yellowsrone and The Grand Tetons National park this year. Please enter my name in the hat!

My husband would love to eat those prickly pears...they grew wild in his native Southern Itlay and he often yearns for them.

Hugs, Pat

Jane said...

Junie, all that cactus is so different from our terrain here in North Florida - Southern pines, palms, etc. But the National parks are surely treasures no matter which part of the country. When we lived in Montana, we loved Glacier National Park so much!

What a cute giveaway package you've put together!
Jane - Jacksonville

Hunny Bunny said...

That's a wonderful package. Somehow on our trip down here we missed all the cool stuff like that at the parks. LOL
Prickly Pear Candy? Yum!

Pat said...

We also enjoy visiting the national parks. Our favorite is Assateague Island National Seashore. I haven't been out west yet and seeing the park info would be interesting.


kim said...

RatZ! I love that doll!! I totally missed this. Ah well. Congrats to the winner!!!!