Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Decluttering Books

One reason we decided I needed an electronic book reader is because my doctor discovered I’m allergic to molds found in paper and books. It’s such a ridiculous and weird allergy with which to suffer. However, it is what it is and we’re taking steps to ease my chronic discomfort.

Source: Decalgirl

See this cute Kindle 2 skin? Thanks to Evylynn's suggestion to get one for additional protection, I ordered this style called Forest from Decalgirl.

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I cannot give up all paper, there’s toilet paper, our files, daily mail, and so on. However, my beloved library has to go. I’ve gathered ideas to consider for my impending big book cleanse:

  • Donate to the local library for their fund raisers
  • Donate to a school
  • Give to friends
  • Host a garage sale
  • Sell online at such places as at
  • Donate to nursing homes/hospital libraries
  • Sell to a local used-book store
  • Register the books at and leave them in public places for other people (an activity I’ve been doing for years as it’s fun)

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved. Book Friends

The craft, sewing, and knitting books are a whole different thing. More pondering is required on the disposal of this collection, maybe scan targeted projects for archiving on my external hard drive and then purging the actual book.

Alas, goodbye dear book friends.


Heidi said...

Well, that's a first--I've never heard of being allergic to paper. There's June, teetering on the leading edge! Have you actually spent time in a paper-free zone to test the diagnosis? (I tested positive to cats, but I very comfortably and happily have four--I just don't rub them in my eyes.)

Lorrie said...

Oh my, this would be a challenge. Getting rid of books can be so difficult.

meg said...

Oh dear~ that is such a heart-breaking decision; I don't think I could give up my books. Prayers for good, loving homes for your friends to be found quickly.

Jana said...

Way to have a good attitude about it! From someone with both horrible allergies and books...

Cherie said...

Hey, thanks for the link to BookCrossing, I haven't heard of this before and plan to start setting some of my books free :)

Isn't it wonderful to be in the electronic age so you have an alternative to paper books?

Hunny Bunny said...

That must be so hard! At least you know have a super cute skin.
I love Book Crossing, I don't think I've seen it before. I want to play now! said...

It was so hard but I took a big load down to my local used book store. Now I have credit with the store and love to browse there after weekend breakfasts.

evylynn said...

Good luck with the book purge! And glad you found a *very cute* decal for your Kindle 2.

Suzi said...

Very cute cover!
Digitisation of all the sewing books would be worth the effort..

I love the idea of releasing books into the wild!

DIane Schuller said...

what a shame to get rid of your beloved craft books too!
I too use Bookcrossing and have been for years. I love that you also give to seniors residences and some of the other suggestions you offered. When we downsized several years ago we had literally hundreds of books to find homes for though we still have one and a half full walls in our spare room packed with books! (not to mention all the ones tucked here and there throughout the house) :~)

Storybook Woods said...

I am so sorry (Please Lord, let me never get this alergy !!!!) June, how hard to get rid of books. BUT I LOVE the skin. I think I would pick the smae one for my lap-top xoxox Clarice

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

OH NO JUNE! How horrible! I could not live without my books! Is there any way for you to clean them so they don't have any molds? You live in such a dry climate -- how can you have molds in your home? I am so baffled, and so upset for you.

I'll take any books you'd like to dispose!

Seriously, I think some libraries accept certain books for resale to help them raise funds,and perhaps and assisted living center or senior citizen center would accept some?

So sad :(