Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Birthday Book

Today’s date is an interesting one—09/09/09; we won’t see such a repeating, single-digit date until 01/01/2101. Just a little trivia for you as it seems I’ve been awfully focused on calendars lately.

To add to my calendar obsession, I thought it would be nice to make perpetual birthday calendars for our family this year—something they can use year after year and even add to as needed. They’ll make nice stocking stuffers at Christmas.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

This is the cover of the first of the birthday books. I used pretty double-sided cardstock and layered the front and back covers with two different pieces. Each book will utilize different paper designs, but this cover gives you an example. The label is a free graphic offered by The Graphics Fairy to which I merely added the title.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Inside is a page for each calendar month with recorded birthdays and room to add more—each page uses a different cardstock priint. I created the calendar pages on my computer using Microsoft Word. The edges were cut using my Creative Memories scallop paper cutter.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

This is the back of this birthday book. I used my Zutter Bind-it-all V2.0 machine to make the bindings.


While I opted just to create my own book by simply playing around until I had what I wanted, there are numerous tutorials, free printables, and other resources available for making such a project. Here are just a few.


Anonymous said...

what about 10/10/10 or 11/11/11 or 12/12/12?

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi June!

I guess annonymous didn't see that you wrote "single diget repeating year"!

Birthday books are nice to have. I am usually good about writing birthdays on my calander every new year so I don't forget but a book would give me space to write gift suggestions and favrite things, etc.

I have been back from vacation for two days but catching up at home. My C drive needs more space in order for me to upload all my vacation photos ...computers can be a pain

Diane Schuller said...

another great project June. Yesterday I noticed the news on both radio and TV covered the number 9 phenomenon with so many people choosing to marry on the day, not to mention the release of the Beatles video game (re their obsession with the number 9). I really like your idea of making perpetual calendars -- something that lives on from year to year. That appeals to my environmental heart :)

Bridgett said...

I'm so impressed!!!!

The birthday books look amazing!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea June. Great stocking fillers for sure.

Thimbleanna said...

I'm loving all your calendars June! I especially love the colors on this one!

shannon said...

Birthday books are so useful, what a great gift idea! Thanks for the links too.