Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Manicure Kits

Over the weekend I sewed five little manicure kit covers using a cute tutorial written by dhbuscher.com and featured on One Pretty Thing.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

The easy tutorial makes for a project that works up quite quickly. Four kits were made with bits of leftover fabric from my Tiffany's project to give as gifts; one of which will be added to Connie’s gift basket.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

I also made one for Carolyn’s Chanel gift basket. My interfacing is Timtex which I’ve been hoarding since it’s no longer manufactured, so these kits are certainly hardy little things.

My sisters will love these little manicure kits and the extra ones I made will make for nice little gifts for others.


Dawn said...

Wow! These look great! I'm so glad you found the tutorial helpful.

Thimbleanna said...

Super cute June! Thanks for the link -- what perfect little gifts these will make!

Storybook Woods said...

How perfect for your gifts !!!! Clarice

MaddyLane Photography said...

Hi Junie, I see your still full of fabulous creations. Great idea, like the patterns, well done! Have a great day! Sorry I haven't visited in a while, its been a busy summer!

Bridgett said...

Super adorable! Love them!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You will have so many cute gifts made for your siusters by the time the holidays roll around, June!

I guess they don't read your blog or else they won't be surprised :-)

Mrs. Staggs said...

These are really nice, June, and I'm sure they will be appreciated.

Thank you for the link.