Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gifts for Men: Dragon Golf Towel

Dragons in Asian mythology generally symbolize benevolence. They bring wealth and good fortune and are not malevolent despite their fearsome image. I found an Asian-design cotton fabric at Jo-Ann’s depicting dragons in my search for something masculine that would work for making a couple of golf gifts for men.

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I made two golf towels with the fabric, being careful to keep the dragon intact and centered. I backed it with cotton chenille and inserted a metal grommet in the top right corner for hanging on a golf bag. One side can be used for washing clubs or golf balls, and the other side can be used for drying.

One towel is a birthday gift for one of our neighbors who plays golf with us. He practices Buddhism which utilizes the dragon image. The other towel is simply an I-Love-You gift for my golfing son who studies martial arts which frequently utilizes the dragon symbol.

I used my own tutorial (also listed in the right-hand column of my blog) for these two projects.


Diane said...

Oh June you are so creative and THOUGHTFUL.

Thimbleanna said...

Very nice June! I love those golf towels!

Bridgett said...

I think you might very well be the most thoughtful person I *know.*

Wonderful idea!

Fakharuddin40 said...

Dragon Golf Towel, really a unique and interesting gift idea. I really like it. Thanks for sharing your good ideas and keep posting.

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