Friday, September 14, 2007

Blessings Friday

A few blessings I've enjoyed this week:

Sweet Comments from Lovely People

Thank you to everyone who visits. I have been receiving thoughtful and oft-times funny comments and encouraging emails from you—please know that you are special blessings in my life.

Belly Dancing and Other Adventures

I am thankful for the wonderful health programs available where I live. I’m taking classes designed and/or modified by University of Arizona physicians and other experts for people with health challenges. A believer in being proactive in my own treatment plan, I’ve organized it so I’ll have fun, too.

  • Monday: yoga

  • Tuesday: belly dancing (go ahead and laugh; I am, too—but this class is a hoot and I get to wear jingle-jangle scarves!)

  • Thursday: ballet (another chuckle opportunity but at least I don’t have to wear a tutu)

  • Friday: Tai Chi (an all-time favorite activity I’ve been enjoying for years)
The classes are challenging but blessings that I really think will, over time, help my little problems.

To track all this merriment, I printed the free fitness calendar offered at the HP Activity Center. HP also provides a fitness sticker project to go with the calendar.

What are your blessings this week?


Anonymous said...

Love your blessings and we would all love to see what you wear to these classes. I had to have a big smile when you said you get to wear the jingle/jangle scarf but no tutu. Disappointment.....
Good Bless til next we meet.xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome classes!

My blessings this week are that Aidan started nursery school without incident, I was able to sew again after a long delay, and our basement is almost finished being painted!

a pink-bee said...

Your blessings are so nice. Would love to do ballet too :)- Don't want a tutu either- :)
Thank-you, for reminding me to count my blessing and be thankful :)
crystal xo

did you see our CLH will be on the way today ? :)

Joanna said...

So jealous of you. If I had the time I would totally sign up for all those classes with you!

I'm blessed by your sweet comments too, Junie!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

I used to love tai-chi. It feels like a slow dance, pushing air around :)

And Yoga is Ffffabulous!

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Thanks so much for popping by! Wow you do need a calander with all that merriment-Go girl!

Lena said...

My goodness Miz Junie Moon, now I know where your energy comes from! I think I need you to come organize my life! I can hardly believe it is the end of the week already. It went by so quickly.
I'm enjoying my son taking the time to just sit and visit with me some this week. He's had a busy summer, but now is making the transition into the new school year, so we have a couple of weeks before he will be busy in with classes and all the rest. He's been good to help out with a few things around the house and garden too. I appreciate that.

Unknown said...

June, how do you have time to do all your crafts with your busy schedule? I can't remember the last time I exercised... it may be time to realign my priorities! Although if I had a jingle jangle scarf, I don't think I'd have trouble with wanting to exercise!

Unknown said...

WOW! That is fantastic! You keep it up girly! I need to take some lessons from you!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I agree, Find and Focus on the things to be Thankful for. Guess what, I'm a fellow Tucsonan!! Yup, lived here most of my life, so I know of what you speak (dry heat, oh ha-ha). I CERTAINLY didn't laugh at the belly-dancing...I used to do quite a bit of that myself..took classes years ago from Parks and Rec. Fun costumes and exotic music. Good to meet you in blogland.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

You go Junie Moon! Good for you for keeping fit and I love the classes you are taking! My daughter has taken ballet and the teacher suggested that I get into one of the classes--and all I could think of was that cartoon with all the hippos in tutus! lol Again...good for you!
Smiles, Karen