Saturday, September 22, 2007

Halloween Apron Swap

Swap-bot swap: Halloween Apron Swap!

Delicious new recipes are populating the blogs as we move into autumn and head towards Halloween. Magical blends of pumpkin and other spices are appearing in cakes and other yummy delectable concoctions in kitchens everywhere. And that, of course, requires an apron suitable for such culinary endeavors.

If you are pondering the idea of making an apron for Halloween, you may want to consider joining Beelicious' handmade Halloween Apron Swap. This swap is managed through Swap-bot and, unfortunately for all our crafty international friends, is only for U.S. participants due to the quick turnaround.

I’m joining in the fun and am contemplating what Halloween apron mischief to create in my laboratory (said in my best, meaning my worst, Boris Karloff voice). It will have to be pretty mischief, however, because one of the rules is no gruesome or gory embellishments.

Sign-up ends Sept. 30 so hurry over and join the swap. Read the rules, requirements, and sign-up info

While you’re at the Swap-bot site, you may want to peruse other Halloween and miscellaneous opportunities out there—both for U.S. only as well as those inviting international participation. There is an amazing and quite eclectic list of swaps.


Ali said...

Tsk - missed out on the fun again! I really need to emigrate. Although perhaps it's a good thing I can't join in as I probably need another commitment like a hole in the head right now.

Look forward to seeing yours though!

Bean said...

What a great idea! I love swaps, but I've only done smaller group ones before. I've never been to that website before and WOW! I'm hooked!! I'm signing up for a couple of newbie swaps right away! :D

Saucy said...

I participated in a few swaps via swap-bot and never went back. The only one that worked out for me was the one Amy at Inspireco organized (of course). I like the apron idea. My mother-in-law and I purchased an apron at Williams-Sonoma for almost $100.00, drew a pattern off it and returned it later that day. Aren't we horrible? Indeed.