Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harvest Moon

Tonight, September 26, we will enjoy a full Harvest Moon. This seems a good time to explain the moon in my blog header. It is a picture my husband took of a stained-glass art piece my sister Connie created. We decided it would be perfect for my blog.

Connie has a little glass arts business she named WenchWorks—isn’t that the most fabulous name? I love her tag line, “Glass with Attitude.” She’s a sassy girl!

Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans tracked each full moon and named them—one per month with the exception of the oft-mentioned Blue Moon. This was their guide as to when to plant and harvest food—a survival mechanism we don’t necessarily worry about anymore.

Some of you have magnificent gardens from which to harvest. Some of us, like me, harvest our food at the nearest grocery store or local farmer’s market. Since I can’t share something delectable from my garden, I thought I’d share an easy recipe.

I found the free blank recipe card clipart at Original Country Clipart and simply added the recipe text using photo editor software. Right-click to select and save this recipe to your computer. If you like, you can print on cardstock and laminate it to make it more durable.


jen said...

I really enjoy "learning" from you. Wonderful information to share. I really enjoyed you and your husband's art. Love the bag you made as well. Very well done!

a pink-bee said...

How neat :) Thanks for sharing this Junie.
Have a Happy Day !

iSew said...

You are a great blogger Junie, always so full of interesting info. Love it.

Lena said...

I was just telling another blogger, that I remember the first time that I saw a harvest moon as a little frightened me!
I had never seen the moon that color and sooo big. It was an amazing site! The moon positively filled the sky, and was a deep orange red.
Thank you for sharing more about such a moon, and for the great sounding recipe.

Unknown said...

Mmm you're making me hungry! Thanks for the recipe!


Thank you for the wonderful recipe. My family and I will look for the Harvest Moon tonight.

African Kelli said...

I had been wondering about that moon! It is so pretty and again, another fabulous family member who is artistic! That is a great name for a company.
Thanks for the recipe too!

Kristie said...

I saw it rise over the Rincons tonight when I was out for my walk. In. Cred. I. Ble.

Anonymous said...

June, thanks for reminding me to look up. There was a beautiful harvest moon in Massachusetts last night. I know I'm dating myself, but I remember my mother singing a song that had the lyrics: "shine on shine on harvest moon up in the sky I ain't had no lovin since January, February, June or July." I wonder who sang that. I'd love to have it on my Itunes.