Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Natural Cleaning Recipes Booklet

Yesterday was Earth Day and I completely forgot to post about it—how shameful of me.

However, Meggiecat and I have been collaborating and now offer something that continues the Earth Day commemoration.

Source: Meggiecat; text added by me

We’ve created a small booklet with some basic recipes to make your own green cleaning products at home. There are hundreds of such to be found online, in books and magazines, and passed around via word of mouth. These particular recipes are those I use myself.

Where to find the bentonite clay used in some of the recipes? You can find it at herbal stores like New Life Health Center, Sunflower Market, places that offer organic foods and herbal concoctions. Make sure to ask for a jar of Indian Healing Clay, a very fine powder used in facials and things.

We are providing the recipes in two PDF versions via Lauren Stephens' Free PDF Hosting and PDF Sharing (you may want to check this out for your own blog use). My other resource was being recalcitrant this morning, so I found a new host.

One is a regular PDF version that you can print and put into a notebook. The other is a booklet paginated such that you print and assemble it just like a regular book. The latter would be good if you want to include it in a gift set such as a basket of cleaning products you’ve made with the recipes, or maybe a little gift of essential oils and things.

We used a free publishing tool
resource discovered by Meggiecat which worked great with this little project. Check this out for your own booklet needs.

Both versions include printable labels for the recipes as well as two blank labels.

  • Booklet version

    meggiecat said...

    Beautiful!!!! Thanks so very much.
    I hope you know that I love this project and will be using it again and again.

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

    Fabulous, June and Meggiecat! Thanks for all these resources, both the PDF sharing site and booklet making, and the natural cleaning ingredient recipes and labels!

    I've been thinking of making some of my own cleaning products lately, and now I have no excuse!

    Hugs, Pat

    a pink-bee said...

    WOW ! Junie, how kind of you and Meggiecat to share all this with us ~ will be printing and making the products for our home :)THANKS :)

    Have a happy day :)

    Amanda said...

    Thanks for putting this together and offering it to everyone! This is wonderful!

    If you don't mind my asking a question, in your recipe for All Purpose Cleaning Spray, what is "washing soda"? Is this something I find at the grocery store?

    Shersy said...

    Thank you so very much! I saw the link on Meggiecat's blog (which I follow regularly). What a great thing to share with everyone!

    Anonymous said...

    June you and Meggiecat are a dear. I was just going to email you to see if you would share your recipes.


    rohanknitter said...

    Thanks so much ! I've been meaning to try some of these and it'll make it so easy to get started.

    Mom IsAmagpie said...

    Thanks for sharing the PDF with us, I make my own cleaning products unless I splurge on Mrs. Meyers. I can't wait to try the new "recipes" and maybe I can get my friends to swtich once they see it's not just me.

    Mrs.Kwitty said...

    Wow!! You two are so cool--what a great thing to put together and share with others. ♥♥
    I can't wait to try some of those out!
    Smiles, Karen

    Storybook Woods said...

    You are such a sweetie. Thank you so much xoxoxo Clarice

    Thimbleanna said...

    What a great idea! Thanks Ms. Junie!

    Unknown said...

    This is so great, thank you so much!

    meg said...

    Junie Moon, once again, you (& meggiecat) are my hero; what an absolutely phenomenal thing to do! I've printed out my copy to put in my homecare binder & have emailed the link to my family & friends.

    Unknown said...

    Thanks, those labels are lovely!

    Anonymous said...

    June, I am so very, very glad you started a blog of your own! You are a pure delight! Wish we were neighbors!


    Anonymous said...

    wow-this is wonderful!! thank you!

    Juddie said...

    Thank you June and Meggiecat! This is wonderful :-)

    sexy said...


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you so much for sharing your "Natural Cleaning Recipes Booklet". I'm going to make some of these cleaners soon.

    luluvision said...

    Thanks so much for sharing this!