Monday, June 16, 2008

Etched Seashell Bowl

I have a large seashell collection. Most come from beachcombing various beaches around the world and some my husband finds for me while scuba diving.

To make a centerpiece for our dinner table, I acid-etched three different seashell designs into a glass bowl. The designs are subtle and hard to see, but I hope you get the idea. One thing I learned from this project is to leave the acid on the glass for longer than the instructions on the bottle indicated. This glass bowl is quite thick and could have handled a longer “etching” period. All told, I’m still pleased with the outcome.

My supplies consisted of a purchased large glass bowl, rubber gloves, white Contact paper, masking tape, wood popsicle stick, and a jar of Armor Etch cream.

I drew three different types of shells and made a stencil using the Contact paper, taped each piece to a side of the bowl, layered on the acid with the stick, and let it do its work.

We put a few sea treasures in the bowl and now have a lovely display just right for summer. My husband took the photos.



Rosie's Whimsy said...

You are simply amazing, June! It is a mystery to me how you fit so much in a day. Can you share your secret?

((hugs)) Rosie

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Another beautiful idea JunieMoon!! Simple and lovely and nostalgic too!
Smiles, Karen

Diana said...

Now I know there isn't any art you won't eventually try!!! Very cool and I love the finished bowl and collection. I have something similar in my bathroom. Not an etched bowl of course just our collection of shells from years of vacation.

Cat said...

Oh Junie that is an awesome idea for the seashell bowl. I save cute glass jars that yeast or jam or whatever were in and etch them. I then spray them with a stained glass spray (it comes out a see through color) and use the jars for votives.

I love your idea of leaving it unpainted.


Heidi said...

Armor Etch cream? The things I learn from you!

And hey, you made Blogtations today:

Storybook Woods said...

I have never etched glass before but I have been meaning to. Your bowl is lovely. Clarice

Inspired Tokens said...

AHHHHHH, the scenes of summer. Seashells in a glass bowl! A stunning and wonderful idea. It's beautiful, Ms. Junie-Moon.

Judy said...

Very pretty, I love shells too. What a clever way to display them.

Pat said...

So pretty! I collect seashells and sea glass and display them in crystal bowls and vases.

I have been off line a lot due to the many thunderstorms pasing through our area in the last two days -- trying to catch up!

Hugs, Pat