Friday, October 30, 2009

Blessings Friday

As always, I greatly appreciate the comments you leave for me. Thank you, Michele, Clarice, Pat, Kim, Kristie, and Rohanknitter for your kind comments about the Halloween pillow I posted yesterday—you are all so very encouraging! And thank you, Winding Ways (no link was left), for letting me know I’d inadvertently misspelled Crabapple Hill Studio’s name yesterday. You didn’t mention whether or not you like the pillow I labored on so intensively, but I hope you do. I corrected the spelling this morning.


After finally managing to make it to walking 3 miles early in the mornings, the time came to try something more challenging. I joined the Tucson Volkssport Walking Klub, parented by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) which, in turn, is part of the Internationaler Volkssport Verband (IVV) headquartered in Germany.

IVV’s purpose is to promote noncompetitive popular sports events, such as biking, skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, and walking. Trail routes are always interesting, some have literary associations, most are historical, and all are fun.

Source: Tucson Volkssport Walking Klub

Last Saturday was my first official 11K walk (was initially supposed to be 10K). I wended my way through The Pecan Farm in Sahuarita, AZ amidst about 110,000 trees covering 4,500 acres. It was so peaceful walking the paths between the heavily-laden trees which will be harvested in mid-to-late November through the end of January.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Here’s the patch I earned. This walk also qualifies for AVA's American Authors and Literary Landmarks Special Award Program as well as for the letter "S" for AVA's Walking the USA, A–Z Special Award Program.

Who knew trying to get healthier could be so much fun?

Special Gifts

On Wednesday I received a wonderful package from Sarah (Sassy Priscilla blog) and her son Aidan.

© June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Inside was protective hand cream and Burt’s Bees lip shimmer—perfect for my walking kit. The Penzeys spices went into immediate use for my Halloween baking project (I’ll share tomorrow). And then there are the mermaids—I so love mermaids and Sarah managed to find lengths of mermaid-themed ribbon webbing.

© Aidan, All Rights Reserved

Aidan created this gorgeous artwork thanking me for the U.S. Ranger Doll, U.S. Parks Passport, and candy I sent him. Isn’t this the sweetest thank-you package ever?


Diane Schuller said...

yes, absolutely the sweetest thank you package!

I love that you earned your walking badge! What a fun way to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors while sharing good times with other like-minded folks :)

It's been snowing here the past two days so soon I'll have to pull out my snowshoes.

FinnyKnits said...

Congrats on your walk - what a great accomplishment! No doubt you'll collect many more patches in the months to come.

CuteStuffInside said...

Congratulations on your walk and I love the Halloween pillow.


P.S. - Please come over to enter our 2nd Annual Halloween Contest/Giveaway - better hurry!

Garden4fun said...

What a great accomplishment, an 11 mile walk, I'm envious! Wish we had some kind of similar organization where I live.

I love the Brunhilda pillow, looks like a ton of work!


rohanknitter said...

Your walking club sounds wonderful!! We love to hike and I haven't been able to for awhile, but I get my hip replaced in January and then I'll be off!! And congrats on your 11k!!
That is truly a lovely package you were sent, love the drawing. (and I never even noticed a mispelling!!)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Congratulations June! The walking club you joined sounds like fun.

That was an adorable thank you package filled with many of your favorite things, and now you own an original work of Aidan's art!

Thimbleanna said...

Your walking club sounds just perfect June! I remember those from Germany -- I wish they had them here -- although we don't really have the scenery that you do!

sassypriscilla said...

Hey June - Aidan was thrilled to have his art featured on Blessings Friday. Thank you for including his picture. He is a little mystified by the Internet and it was fun to see his picture there!

I hope you had a fun Halloween. Ours was full of fun, sugar-highs, and a bit of crabbiness.

onlyjude said...

That was so sweet of you to show the package my daughter, Sarah, sent to you! But I am especially pleased to see my darling Aidan's artwork! This is the first time I have seen your blog! It is delightful!

Bridgett said...

YES! It totally is. That picture is so sweet!

I just love childhood drawings. :)