Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friendship + Love + Joy = An Excellent Life

Last night was craft night at Kristie's house. Both of us were in the mood for crafty companionship and some good Chinese food her husband kindly provided. Gotta love a man who feeds you and then lets you get on with your creative endeavors!

I’ve been busier than an ant at a picnic the last few weeks and needed a quiet night with a good friend, chatting, and creating something not involving fussy details. I chose an uncomplicated project—ankle bracelets as featured recently on One Pretty Thing and Whip-Up.

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I’m a novice at making jewelry; these simple bracelets were fun and relatively easy to do. I added a simple little circle charm at the end of each one by the clasp to echo the circular sentiment statement. Kristie is a pro at creating beautiful jewelry and provided much-needed remedial instruction to help me here and there. Ankle bracelets are perfect for summer, don’t you think?

Along with an excellent friend, love and joy go a long way to making life outstanding.


Kristie said...

I had a great time, too. Love you, June. And your ankle bracelets turned out wonderfully!

Storybook Woods said...

This does look like a great project to do with a friend. Clarice said...

That is so sweet! And thanks so much for the mention. This one is totally on my list too!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Very cute ankle bracelet! I'd need an extra long one as I have the biggets ankles...ick..being big boned is no fun!

Diane said...

Yes, I have always loved ankle bracelets. I think they're very feminine. I feel pretty when I'm wearing one.

Lena said...

I do think so. My friend Nancy wears one every summer, and they look so nice with her longer skirts, and summer dresses.

I'm glad you had time to slow and down and just be in good company.

A very happy birthday to you, Dear Junie Moon!

Robin said...

Yours turned out adorable!!! Glad they worked for you!
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